Verizon Hops on Board the Targeted Marketing Train

Verizon Communications announced it has changed its privacy policy to build a marketing program that uses consumer data to place targeted advertisements online. The program will launch later this year and according to Bill Kula, director of media relations at Verizon, it will provide advertisers with consumer records of website visits, cell phone usage locations, demographics information and interests.
Direct Marketing News received a copy of the email notice that Verizon consumers received on Sept. 26 detailing the program. According to Verizon, they will use consumer addresses to determine whether a consumer resides in a local area that an advertiser is trying to reach. Kula said the program will not provide advertisers with specific information about individuals or their residences. He also said that the notification message contained a link enabling consumers to opt out of the program.
Kula believes that receiving more local and relevant advertising to be a great value to their customers while still adhering to a strong privacy policy that prohibits the sharing of personally identifiable information. Kula added that Verizon has yet to notify all Verizon Wireless and Broadband customers. It is unclear whether Verizon’s new program includes a partnership with brands but Kula did mention that Verizon is “working with a number of entities who will help us with our advertising initiative.”
Targeted marketing is a growing and changing entity, and staying on top of the new consumer who is now reachable 24/7 is something that companies need to be aware of as they identify and reach their targeted consumer.
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Facebook Keeps Interacting

Facebook recently announced they are launching a small business education program, to show businesses how to optimize their individual pages and to use its ad program to effectively target customers.

The social-media giant is partnering with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business to conduct an outreach to the small-business community. The program is to include, webinars, case studies and tips, and they intend to sponsor a series of road shows in cities across the country to promote its Small Business Boost. Facebook will also award a $50 ad credit to 200,000 businesses, amounting to $10 million in free advertising.

According to an eMarketer report, 44% of small- and medium-sized businesses used social media as a marketing tool in August, and 59% spent less than $100 on social-media marketing.
“We know that small businesses who use web technology grow more than twice as quickly, bring in twice the revenue, and create twice the jobs as small businesses who don’t,” said David Fischer, Facebook’s VP-Advertising and Global Operations. He said 9.2 million small businesses in the U.S. have pages on Facebook, but only 3.2 million of those pages have active engagement. (Some pages exist essentially as shells, created by user signals on the social graph and without action taken by the business owner.)
“You want to be in front of [people] — maybe it’s a few times a week you’re posting a few sentences, talking about what’s going on,” said Mr. Fischer, noting that engagement is key for small business owners. “In most cases it’s not a matter of this being particularly complicated.”

Facebook itself generates as much as 60% of its ad revenue from its self-serve platform, according to an eMarketer report from January. Mr. Fischer says there’s an internal awareness at Facebook that the company’s tools could help stimulate economic growth and noted that Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg is a member of President Obama’s jobs council. “We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can work with small businesses, and we know we have tools that can help them effectively,” he said.

Small businesses can really benefit from targeted marketing, which directs their dollar to the right customer and eliminates the high costs of mass marketing. Social networking marketing can also give you a more personal relationship with your customer, thereby increasing their trust in you. The more you know who your customer is, the more customized your marketing strategy will be.
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