Data still in favor of print

Recent information from advertising associations and other research firms report that there is a huge value in including traditional direct mail in a multifaceted marketing campaign. Some companies have started relying more heavily on digital forms of communication, such as social media and email, but marketing professionals will tell you that forgetting about the physical channels could be a mistake.
Social media definitely is changing a lot of things, but it isn’t the answer to everything. It can be over relied on and it needs to be one important part of a wide, but strategic marketing campaign. Companies here and abroad are still spending more on social media campaigns, but combining the time and money spent on search, display, mobile and email advertising with the physical will bring much better results in the end.
Companies can increase their chances for success by adopting a direct mail solution to ensure they have the current data including, updated lists for names, addresses, and buying habits. can customize a marketing plan that includes real-time information for a successful strategy that includes the digital and print.

Marketing in be-“Tween” the lines

“Tweens” are a rising demographic in the marketing world as they are defined as in-be-“tween” a child and a teenager. Understood as the 8-12 age-group, tweens grew up with computers and internet access, making them quite different from previous generations of pre-teens. In fact one-third of the 33.3 million tweens in the US own a mobile phone.
While they are physically still children, socially they are beginning to explore what it means to be a teenager. Tweens are becoming more sophisticated at a younger age, as they race to have the newest and coolest technology and style like their older peers and siblings. Their tastes and opinions are a strong influence on their parents, and their estimated $300 billion a year buying power should not be ignored. This is the ideal demographic list for retail, technology, online services, mobile phones, green aware products and more.
Tips for targeting
Know what drives Tweens- Part of a targeting strategy for tweens is knowing what motivates them to purchase.

The need to belong
The desire for power
More freedom from parents
The desire to have fun — sensory stimulation is key!
Test the waters first – Test your work on tweens before launching. They like being asked about their opinions, especially what they like and why, and they’ll be truthful if you ask how a product or service can be improved.
Find out how can create a custom “tween” demographic list for your business.

SEO marketing- Is it misunderstood?

While most people have head the term SEO, do they really understand how it can help you increase your sales, while building a personal relationship with your clients? Some important things to remember and practice with SEO strategy are:
SEO is more than just technology and search engines, it is still about people and what drives them to buy. SEO copy should be written with specific keywords true, but it also needs to be focused on the audience, not just the speaker. Only worrying about your Google CTR, CPC and ranking, or if it’s “Likeable” on Facebook will not help you to reach your customers, or increase your conversion and sales. Set SMART goals; specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. It’s easy to get lost in the technology of marketing. Remembering that you are trying to influence a person to buy your product or service, not a computer can help you to realign your goals and strategy.

If you view your website like a valued salesperson and company representative, you may better understand how your customer sees you.

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Are You On Board Yet?

Get serious about social media as a marketing tool. Ready or not, it’s here to stay. Even if your customers and potential clients are not participating yet, they will be. The search benefits are enormous if you understand that consistency, keywords, data and links are driving the traffic of social media, and if you do it right, you’ll drive them right to your door.

Establish measurable benchmarks. Marketing and customer care are the terms you should be focusing on. Your customers are becoming more accessible via; direct mail, email, Facebook, and mobile at the same time as being more evasive than ever before via; guarded email, do not call, do not track, spam blockers, and blocked calls. If you don’t have measureable benchmarks, it is impossible to obtain accurate data of the effectiveness of your marketing and customer care efforts.

Customer care is a marketing tool. In fact it is the only way to differentiate your business from the global economic competition, and establish trusting relationships with your key clients. Aligning your service with customer expectations improves loyalty and it reduces your costs. But make sure you KNOW what they want and expect, do not GUESS.

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