B2B Direct Marketing Lists

Having a clear understanding of who your target audience is, is essential in today’s mobile market. Targeting will help you produce more effective products and provide better services. Targeting a specific business type or industry reduces the money you waste on trying to reach a very general and broad audience. Targeting can identity features specific to your product and feature that are not currently working. Targeting also helps your business with things like expanding into new locations and uncovering how your company can be more competitive in the market.

Business-to-business B2B direct mail really is different from marketing to consumer direct mail. While you are selling to some of the very same people you might reach with a properly targeted consumer campaign, you’re reaching them in an entirely different landscape. One thing to remember is that your target business prospect is busy. And even more important, business purchasers are rarely spending their own money; unless you are targeting a home based business, so many purchasing decisions must pass through many layers of the company to receive approval to buy mail lists.
Entrepreneurs, start-up owners and even corporate executives are represented in a comprehensive category featured in mailing lists help target segmented populations for campaigns geared toward home-based businesses. As the sophistication of internet-capable technologies continues to grow, so does the number of entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to manage business operations from their homes. Business owners running companies in a variety of industries are looking for computers, mobile technology, office furniture, internet services and other products to enhance productivity for their sole-proprietorship or small business.
Companies that provide direct marketing solutions and services are now finding that they must evolve, diversify their services, and compete to retain their best customers while building a complete set of solutions to attract new customers. By adding email, social network and mobile marketing services, more access to technology, integrated data access, analytics and predictive modeling companies have a shot at surviving in this social ocean.
Using our data, analytics and technology, you can hone your marketing strategy to:
• Identify, reach and connect with your target audience.
• Boost your marketing qualified leads with direct mail and telemarketing lists.
• Cross-sell and up-sell within your existing customer base.
• Generate a higher return-on-investment for your marketing dollars.
B2B lists can include industries such as manufacturing, industrial, scientific, research, government, medical, academic and professional audiences. Our Direct mail lists are specific and contain email, telephone and address data for both B2B and B2C markets. Monthly data updating and frequent new list additions provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

Natimark uses critical targeted data to effectively measure, predict and optimize your results to increase your ROI. Call us today to find out how we can customize a strategic marketing plan based on accurate, real-time targeted data lists for B2B that are relevant to your business. Visit Natimark.com.

Internal Linking

While Natimark’s core business is integrated and targeted marketing research and data lists, we realize this topic is important as we support our Internet marketing agencies and clients in what effects their critical marketing efforts in today’s environment.

Internal linking is critical for SEO

Internal linking is the most overlooked and underused tool in all of SEO. What many search marketers don’t realize is that you can often get just as much “SEO value” from internal links placed on high-value pages on your own site as you can from inbound links. Internal linking also promotes and targets landing pages, improves usability, and makes it easier for users and engines to find your content. Simply put, if you’re on a website’s About page and there’s a link to the Contact Us page — that’s an internal link.
When internal links are set up properly, they allow your visitors to navigate your website easily and effectively. Internal linking allows you to direct your visitors down the path that you want them to follow through your website.

How to Incorporate Internal Links on Your Website

There are a lot of ways to incorporate internal links on your website. design your website by determining what your most critical web pages are, what your keywords should be for those pages, and then executing on your plan by incorporating your internal links into your website.

Text links – Internal links can be placed from any content within your website to create text links. Your anchor text should be keywords that you anticipate people will use when trying to find your website and then repeat those keywords as internal links throughout your website.
Footer Links – Links in the footer of your website are the ideal place for internal links, and one that is often underused.
Blog articles – Blog articles are one of the best tools when it comes to SEO and internal links. Writing blog articles gives you a chance to focus on a key topic that relates to your website, as well as, link your blog readers from your blog article to other pages within your website, like your most crucial web pages.
Banner ads – One type of internal link that most people don’t think of are banner ads. Consider adding some banner ads to your most critical web pages in your websites’ sidebar.

Benefits of Internal Links

• Helps web visitors efficiently navigate through your website
• Ensures visitors are seeing your critical content
• Increases your search engine ranking for specific keywords
• Moves your critical web pages within your website higher in search engine results
• Attracts more visitors to your website

Natimark uses critical targeted data to effectively measure, predict and optimize your results to increase your ROI. Call us today to find out how we can customize a strategic marketing plan based on accurate, real-time predictive data that is relevant to your business. Visit Natimark.com.