How Can I Use Predictive Modeling in my Business?

Predictive modeling is an analytics process that is used to identify and predict customer behaviors. It is simulated utilizing information from your customer database.  It helps determine how customers interact based on marketing materials.  Some of the things that predictive modeling can help you achieve include:

-          Identifying your “Best Customer”

  • Optimize your marketing efforts by defining the traits of and target marketing to your “best customers.”  Make sure that you maximize client satisfaction and value for the clients who yield your highest ROI.

-          Customer Cloning

  • By identifying the traits of your best customers across all of your demographics, you can clearly define your ideal client profile. Prospecting for these specific types of clients who share similar qualities always yields the best return.

-          Lost Customers

  • All too often, valuable customers can fall off without notice. Through this analysis, you can target them and work to bring them back as active clients.

As a data company, we recognize the power of analytics.  Harness predictive modeling that allows you to work smarter and target customers in a way that is relevant to their traits and behaviors.  Studies have shown that with the information overload that exists in today’s society, people will pass over marketing materials that aren’t directly relevant to them. By engaging in customer analytics, you are able to profile your client base as well as prospects and create targeted efforts that will speak to the customer’s behavior and needs.  Engaged customers result in more positive outcomes for your marketing and sales initiatives.

We offer a host of analytics programs – contact us today to find out more!

Start Planning Now for 2016

Are we trying to rush away the year?  Absolutely not; however, it is important to remember that as Q4 rapidly approaches, proactive 2016 planning needs to be underway.  Failure to plan is a plan to fail!  As you sit down to develop your marketing strategy for the next 12 months, it’s important to consider a few key areas.  Asking yourself and your team the following questions can kick start your planning efforts!

Is our customer data up to date and accurate?

There is no point in marketing to the wrong people – it is a waste of resources, time and efforts.  Your customer data is one of your most valuable assets and it’s important to consistently update it!  Natimark can help you assess the quality of your customer information using our data hygiene services.  Utilizing these services can help you with your deliverability, duplication and often times your conversions.

Where do we stand in the marketplace?

Market penetration is a powerful metric to understand how deep you are in the marketplace.  It’s important to evaluate where you stand and how to move toward attaining a larger piece of the pie.  Leveraging our market penetration analysis can help you understand where you customers are located, where you have gaps in penetration and if there are common themes amongst your customers across geographic marketplaces.  This will help you determine your direct marketing strategy over the next 12 months.

What steps can we take to increase our market penetration?

Once you’ve defined where you stand, it’s important to create a strategy to expand.  Whether you are identifying new demographics or working to penetrate existing ones, we can help you by providing data lists that are segmented by demographic details.

Hopefully our questions have led you to consider how you will build upon your success throughout 2016.  As always, we are here for a free consultation to help support your business needs!