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Active Customer Engagement

Whether you’re a B2B company like ours or a B2C company, we are all facing similar challenges with customer engagement.  Often times because both ends are so busy, engagements are limited to a few key critical points in time:

  1. During a Sale
  2. During an Issue
  3. During Termination of Contract

Of these points of engagement, only one is positive.  We are finding that as customers face more and more data and information, reinforcing the positive touchpoints is crucial to the success of client relationships.  Not only is there a myriad of information at our clients’ disposal but there are also new companies and providers popping up every day, making market competition exceptionally fierce.

So how do we improve our customer interactions?  The first step is making sure we have the right customer data.  Over time data can become convoluted and inaccurate when not used frequently.  Leveraging a service like our data append, which fills in the holes in your customer data can provide the foundation that you need to foster these additional positive touchpoints.

Data appends provide things like demographic, psychographic and lifestyle data points that allow you to create meaningful conversations with your clients that don’t center on sales or challenges.

How do you create great customer touchpoints?  Have you seen success in fostering relationships through implementing additional conversation?  We want to hear about it and find out how we can help! Call us anytime at 800-494-4533.

Deck the Halls with Data

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year as well as the opportunities that can be tackled moving forward.  As any business owner knows, data driven analysis provides a foundation for assessing company health, success and opportunity.  While many businesses perform year-end financial reviews and overall business reviews, one of the things that can get pushed to the wayside is a review of your customer data and market penetration.  These are key pieces of information as they typically drive the success of your overall business and bottom line.

At Natimark, we pride ourselves on being able to not only provide you with customer information but also the tools you need to analyze your efforts and your status in the marketplace.  One report that can accomplish this is our Market Penetration report.  This report does a deep dive into the market share that you have been able to capture with a view at both depth and breadth.  The results of this report are useful in determining marketing strategy and helping to identify any gaps in key demographics.

We also offer a service to help analyze your customer profiles – this is a great complement to the market penetration reports or as a standalone analytic as it provides a view of your customer types.  Utilizing empirical evidence, we create profiles that contain buyer traits, demographics and buying behaviors to help you better align your marketing strategy to specific customer types.

Are you going to deck your halls with data this year?  We offer a free consultation, so contact us today to find out how we can help you create a data driven strategy for 2016. Reach us through this site or call us at 800-494-4533 today!

Step Up Your Holiday Marketing

It’s that time of year again….when retailers and businesses compete tooth and nail for every dollar that will be spent this season. How can you make your business or product stand out, and reap your share of the profits?

First – take a look at your current customer database. How long has it been since it has been updated? Are there gaps you would like to fill? Other demographics you would like to reach? Natimark can help you clean up your database and expand it to reach a larger group of potential customers. Our experienced and professional staff can do both of these things, at an incredibly affordable price.

Next – make sure the content you are delivering to potential or past customers is relevant, up-to-date and accurate. Information overload isn’t just a term to toss around at holiday parties  it is a real and sometimes frustrating challenge for businesses to overcome. The best way to beat it is to serve up content that is interesting, and taps into the client’s needs at that particular moment. Making your message creative and relevant will insure that it gets read at this busy time of year.

If you are a B2B company, re-think your gifting. Who needs one more cellophane-wrapped basket of goodies? Strategize about what your customers need, and deliver it creatively to them. End-of-year checklists can be helpful, or start paving the way for upgrades from you in the new year by devising a first-of-the-year checklist. Wrapped with a holiday theme, these gifts will keep on giving long after the cookies have gone stale.

Natimark is one of the foremost leaders in helping companies increase their marketing presence and attract new customers. Investigate how our data analytics services and our data lists can help expand your reach in this busy holiday season and into the coming year. Contact us today at 800-494-4533.

Periscope: How Can It Work for Your Business?

Have you heard of the new application, Periscope, making waves across social media?  At Natimark, we make it a priority to stay apprised on all of the latest technology.  We are really excited to share with you some of the details around what the application is and how it can help your business.

Twitter is responsible for creating Periscope which is described as a “live video streaming platform”, essentially allowing you to broadcast a live recording of yourself to your Periscope and of course, Twitter followers.  Unlike its counterparts Instagram and Vine, this platform is non-restrictive in terms of content length.  Periscope allows you to push video content out simply, efficiently and on the go.

Initially skeptics said “so how does this differ from Skype or Google Hangouts”?  Well, the creators have answers. Periscope allows you to develop a network with whom you are able to live stream content – at any time.  The application is available on both Apple and Android operating systems and you can also log in from a laptop or personal computer.  Periscope has made a quick surge in the social media space as a way to communicate with your audience.

So how can you use it to build your digital brand?  Natimark supports our clients by helping you optimize your client databases and engaging them with relevant and interesting content.  Periscope provides you the opportunity to engage your clients and prospects in a meaningful and relevant way.

Interested in sending an impactful message?  Consider this new platform.  Need help figuring out who to send it to?  Contact us!

We can help you build a new database or optimize an existing one!

Maximizing Your Holiday Marketing

How did it get to be October so quickly?  As the leaves turn colors and the temperatures cool down, there’s one thing on every retailers mind – the holiday season.  Companies are hiring employees, people are saving for gifts and everyone is getting excited for the release of new products.

So, how do you maximize the opportunity to sell your product or service during this ultra-competitive time?  We have devised a three step process to ensure that you have success this season!

Step 1:  Assess your customer databases.  When was your last update?  Have you seen a lot of traction from your recent campaigns?  Consider leveraging our data analytics services to help you determine where the gaps are in your current lists.

Step 2:  Beef up your database.  We offer a wide range of data lists that can be segmented by demographic information that match your buying profiles.  It’s important to get your message out to as many people as possible in your target market during this highly competitive time of year.  We have the most up to date and accurate lists in the industry, all at an incredibly affordable price.

Step 3:  Make your message matter.  The information overload that we experience today as consumers is great – so making sure that your message is something people want to consume is important.  We recently wrote a post about how to do that – check it out here!

Are you ready for the holiday season? Not sure?  Contact us today to find out how we can help you capitalize on the busiest time of year!


CRM Add-Ons – Worth the Investment or Waste of Money?

As we grow into the digital age, the offerings that exist for businesses to manage their operations and sales funnels grow exponentially by the day.  We know it can be overwhelming to determine which ones you need and which ones you don’t – or if you need any at all, which is why we wanted to highlight some of the major players in the market and give an overview of their features.

The add-ons available depend on your choice of CRM system – for the purpose of this article, we will focus on the two most common platforms, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.  We researched third party applications and determined the top three considering their features and user-rankings.


  1. Marketo Marketing Automation Platform.  This platform allows you to integrate your marketing efforts with your CRM data. The alternative is time consuming and prone to human error because it requires that the user extract client information leveraged from CRM sourced Data Lists and drop it into a marketing platform. Marketo supports seamless integration with bonus features such as reporting, tracking and follow-up capabilities.
  2. Informatica Cloud.  This SaaS based tool is admin focused – it utilizes connectors that allow the user to synchronize on-premises information with cloud based information like Salesforce data.  This includes anything from ERP to internal databases.
  3. Adobe EchoSign.  This application allows for enterprise document management that is integrated with Salesforce.  It provides the ability for users to view, edit, track, approve, sign and store documents across platforms.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. CRM-Project 4th Module.  This project management tool integrates itself with Dynamics and provides end to end project management capabilities within the CRM system.  It allows for collaboration, tracking and updates to be made by all relevant users.
  2. Click Dimensions Marketing Automation.  Click Dimensions is the preferred marketing automation tool for Dynamics.  It offers the ability to share data easily and utilize the information to prioritize leads.
  3. Assistance Professional Services Automation.  This system is focused on integrating resource planning into the CRM system and is targeted towards information workers. This multifaceted system integrates Dynamics CRM and ERP platforms to facilitate tasks like contract management and invoicing, among other things.

Hopefully this post gives you some insight into the most popular add-ons for your CRM System.  We only viewed a very small subset of the paid applications that you can leverage. There are a lot of free ones as well and most applications offer free trials.

Have you found a particularly helpful CRM application that supports your business?  We would love to hear about it! Need help boosting your CRM database?  Contact us for a free consultation!



How Can I Use Predictive Modeling in my Business?

Predictive modeling is an analytics process that is used to identify and predict customer behaviors. It is simulated utilizing information from your customer database.  It helps determine how customers interact based on marketing materials.  Some of the things that predictive modeling can help you achieve include:

-          Identifying your “Best Customer”

  • Optimize your marketing efforts by defining the traits of and target marketing to your “best customers.”  Make sure that you maximize client satisfaction and value for the clients who yield your highest ROI.

-          Customer Cloning

  • By identifying the traits of your best customers across all of your demographics, you can clearly define your ideal client profile. Prospecting for these specific types of clients who share similar qualities always yields the best return.

-          Lost Customers

  • All too often, valuable customers can fall off without notice. Through this analysis, you can target them and work to bring them back as active clients.

As a data company, we recognize the power of analytics.  Harness predictive modeling that allows you to work smarter and target customers in a way that is relevant to their traits and behaviors.  Studies have shown that with the information overload that exists in today’s society, people will pass over marketing materials that aren’t directly relevant to them. By engaging in customer analytics, you are able to profile your client base as well as prospects and create targeted efforts that will speak to the customer’s behavior and needs.  Engaged customers result in more positive outcomes for your marketing and sales initiatives.

We offer a host of analytics programs – contact us today to find out more!

Start Planning Now for 2016

Are we trying to rush away the year?  Absolutely not; however, it is important to remember that as Q4 rapidly approaches, proactive 2016 planning needs to be underway.  Failure to plan is a plan to fail!  As you sit down to develop your marketing strategy for the next 12 months, it’s important to consider a few key areas.  Asking yourself and your team the following questions can kick start your planning efforts!

Is our customer data up to date and accurate?

There is no point in marketing to the wrong people – it is a waste of resources, time and efforts.  Your customer data is one of your most valuable assets and it’s important to consistently update it!  Natimark can help you assess the quality of your customer information using our data hygiene services.  Utilizing these services can help you with your deliverability, duplication and often times your conversions.

Where do we stand in the marketplace?

Market penetration is a powerful metric to understand how deep you are in the marketplace.  It’s important to evaluate where you stand and how to move toward attaining a larger piece of the pie.  Leveraging our market penetration analysis can help you understand where you customers are located, where you have gaps in penetration and if there are common themes amongst your customers across geographic marketplaces.  This will help you determine your direct marketing strategy over the next 12 months.

What steps can we take to increase our market penetration?

Once you’ve defined where you stand, it’s important to create a strategy to expand.  Whether you are identifying new demographics or working to penetrate existing ones, we can help you by providing data lists that are segmented by demographic details.

Hopefully our questions have led you to consider how you will build upon your success throughout 2016.  As always, we are here for a free consultation to help support your business needs!

Clean Up Your Act!

In the business environment today, where change moves at the speed of light, who has time to nit-pick their client/customer database? We send out direct mail, craft email drip campaigns and fire up telemarketing efforts with the hope that something sticks.

It’s the ugly elephant in the middle of the room that nobody talks about: dirty data.

Most companies are not data analytics experts, but you need to be to compete in today’s environment, where clients and customers are overwhelmed by advertising and marketing efforts coming at them from multiple modalities. But emails that go awry, phone calls made to non-decision-makers, and multiple direct mail pieces going to the same person waste your marketing dollars and, worse yet, put your company in a bad light.

Enter Natimark –  a data analytics company with a solution for every bad data problem out there!

Contact information records incomplete or outdated? Natimark ‘s Data Append service can fill in the gaps in your contact list with correct addresses, names, titles and telephone numbers.

Do you have phone numbers, but would like to branch out into direct mail? Natimark’s Reverse Append service can generate up-to-date addresses and mailing information from your telephone list.

What about your home-grown database that is just plain outdated? Natimark can scrub your customer or prospect file to get rid of duplicates or out-of-date information, and improve your accuracy and reach.

All of these efforts improve your return on your marketing dollar, by driving more leads and converting more leads to sales. One recent report showed that high-quality data can result in 39% more closes and 66% more revenue. Regular data management is essential to the health of your pipeline and your company. Go to today to learn more about these essential services.

And do something about that elephant in the room.

Back to School Blues – Not Here!

It’s that time of year again!  Parents are filling up retail stores buying back-to-school gear for their families – everything from pencils to backpacks to clothes are up for grabs.  We know that this time of year can be hectic at first, but it often leaves parents with a little more free time during the day.  As families edge their way back into routines, items that have come off the “to-do” list seem to creep back on.

This is a great time of year to market products and services that are family oriented. Whether you’re a travel agency, a tutoring agency or you sell products that families use, this is the right time of year to ramp up your marketing efforts.  From back to school specials to fall savings campaigns, we are ready to help you capitalize during this time of year.

First, we recommend that you identify your market penetration, something that we can help you with!  This will allow you to understand where you need to enhance your target marketing lists.   Once you have determined the areas of opportunity, we can help you increase the size of your lists with relevant, targeted, high quality contacts that come from the most accurate databases in the industry.

Wondering what the best way is to target your clients?  Check out our blog post on Increasing Your Opt-ins!  This will help you understand how you can maximize your direct marketing efforts and engage new customers!

We are here to help you – contact us for a consultation to find out what we can do for your business!

Creating Credibility

Anyone with a little determination and the ability to read a tutorial can create a website.  This means that there are a lot more brands competing for space in the consumer market.  Whether you’re an online trainer or an artist or a consultant – it doesn’t matter, the market is saturated with other people providing the same good or service.

Establishing credibility will set you apart.  We’ve all had that friend who shares the articles from the Onion or some other satirical news source.  Developing credibility means providing content to your users that is accurate, interesting and valuable.

When you are working to develop brand credibility there are some key areas that you want to focus on. The first is content. You want to make sure that whatever content you push to your audience is meaningful.  This means that it has well researched information, is presented thoughtfully and hits areas of interest for your consumers.

Authentic testimonials are another great way to develop brand credibility.  While the standard, rehearsed testimonial is good; organic testimonials that are not requested or prepared are even better!  Creating an engaging community will encourage followers to share their experiences in the form of comments, word of mouth recommendations or purchase a good or service for a friend.  The best marketing you can have is a referral.

Being active in the community in which your business operates is important for credibility.  Whether it’s participating in forums or writing articles that are published by other people, showing that you are an active member of the community is crucial for building credibility and often builds loyalty as well.

We can help you measure the success of your brand through some of our advanced analytics offerings!  Contact us today for a consultation!