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Step Up Your Holiday Marketing

It’s that time of year again….when retailers and businesses compete tooth and nail for every dollar that will be spent this season. How can you make your business or product stand out, and reap your share of the profits?

First – take a look at your current customer database. How long has it been since it has been updated? Are there gaps you would like to fill? Other demographics you would like to reach? Natimark can help you clean up your database and expand it to reach a larger group of potential customers. Our experienced and professional staff can do both of these things, at an incredibly affordable price.

Next – make sure the content you are delivering to potential or past customers is relevant, up-to-date and accurate. Information overload isn’t just a term to toss around at holiday parties  it is a real and sometimes frustrating challenge for businesses to overcome. The best way to beat it is to serve up content that is interesting, and taps into the client’s needs at that particular moment. Making your message creative and relevant will insure that it gets read at this busy time of year.

If you are a B2B company, re-think your gifting. Who needs one more cellophane-wrapped basket of goodies? Strategize about what your customers need, and deliver it creatively to them. End-of-year checklists can be helpful, or start paving the way for upgrades from you in the new year by devising a first-of-the-year checklist. Wrapped with a holiday theme, these gifts will keep on giving long after the cookies have gone stale.

Natimark is one of the foremost leaders in helping companies increase their marketing presence and attract new customers. Investigate how our data analytics services and our data lists can help expand your reach in this busy holiday season and into the coming year. Contact us today at 800-494-4533.

Maximizing Your Holiday Marketing

How did it get to be October so quickly?  As the leaves turn colors and the temperatures cool down, there’s one thing on every retailers mind – the holiday season.  Companies are hiring employees, people are saving for gifts and everyone is getting excited for the release of new products.

So, how do you maximize the opportunity to sell your product or service during this ultra-competitive time?  We have devised a three step process to ensure that you have success this season!

Step 1:  Assess your customer databases.  When was your last update?  Have you seen a lot of traction from your recent campaigns?  Consider leveraging our data analytics services to help you determine where the gaps are in your current lists.

Step 2:  Beef up your database.  We offer a wide range of data lists that can be segmented by demographic information that match your buying profiles.  It’s important to get your message out to as many people as possible in your target market during this highly competitive time of year.  We have the most up to date and accurate lists in the industry, all at an incredibly affordable price.

Step 3:  Make your message matter.  The information overload that we experience today as consumers is great – so making sure that your message is something people want to consume is important.  We recently wrote a post about how to do that – check it out here!

Are you ready for the holiday season? Not sure?  Contact us today to find out how we can help you capitalize on the busiest time of year!