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Active Customer Engagement

Whether you’re a B2B company like ours or a B2C company, we are all facing similar challenges with customer engagement.  Often times because both ends are so busy, engagements are limited to a few key critical points in time:

  1. During a Sale
  2. During an Issue
  3. During Termination of Contract

Of these points of engagement, only one is positive.  We are finding that as customers face more and more data and information, reinforcing the positive touchpoints is crucial to the success of client relationships.  Not only is there a myriad of information at our clients’ disposal but there are also new companies and providers popping up every day, making market competition exceptionally fierce.

So how do we improve our customer interactions?  The first step is making sure we have the right customer data.  Over time data can become convoluted and inaccurate when not used frequently.  Leveraging a service like our data append, which fills in the holes in your customer data can provide the foundation that you need to foster these additional positive touchpoints.

Data appends provide things like demographic, psychographic and lifestyle data points that allow you to create meaningful conversations with your clients that don’t center on sales or challenges.

How do you create great customer touchpoints?  Have you seen success in fostering relationships through implementing additional conversation?  We want to hear about it and find out how we can help! Call us anytime at 800-494-4533.

Deck the Halls with Data

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year as well as the opportunities that can be tackled moving forward.  As any business owner knows, data driven analysis provides a foundation for assessing company health, success and opportunity.  While many businesses perform year-end financial reviews and overall business reviews, one of the things that can get pushed to the wayside is a review of your customer data and market penetration.  These are key pieces of information as they typically drive the success of your overall business and bottom line.

At Natimark, we pride ourselves on being able to not only provide you with customer information but also the tools you need to analyze your efforts and your status in the marketplace.  One report that can accomplish this is our Market Penetration report.  This report does a deep dive into the market share that you have been able to capture with a view at both depth and breadth.  The results of this report are useful in determining marketing strategy and helping to identify any gaps in key demographics.

We also offer a service to help analyze your customer profiles – this is a great complement to the market penetration reports or as a standalone analytic as it provides a view of your customer types.  Utilizing empirical evidence, we create profiles that contain buyer traits, demographics and buying behaviors to help you better align your marketing strategy to specific customer types.

Are you going to deck your halls with data this year?  We offer a free consultation, so contact us today to find out how we can help you create a data driven strategy for 2016. Reach us through this site or call us at 800-494-4533 today!

Start Planning Now for 2016

Are we trying to rush away the year?  Absolutely not; however, it is important to remember that as Q4 rapidly approaches, proactive 2016 planning needs to be underway.  Failure to plan is a plan to fail!  As you sit down to develop your marketing strategy for the next 12 months, it’s important to consider a few key areas.  Asking yourself and your team the following questions can kick start your planning efforts!

Is our customer data up to date and accurate?

There is no point in marketing to the wrong people – it is a waste of resources, time and efforts.  Your customer data is one of your most valuable assets and it’s important to consistently update it!  Natimark can help you assess the quality of your customer information using our data hygiene services.  Utilizing these services can help you with your deliverability, duplication and often times your conversions.

Where do we stand in the marketplace?

Market penetration is a powerful metric to understand how deep you are in the marketplace.  It’s important to evaluate where you stand and how to move toward attaining a larger piece of the pie.  Leveraging our market penetration analysis can help you understand where you customers are located, where you have gaps in penetration and if there are common themes amongst your customers across geographic marketplaces.  This will help you determine your direct marketing strategy over the next 12 months.

What steps can we take to increase our market penetration?

Once you’ve defined where you stand, it’s important to create a strategy to expand.  Whether you are identifying new demographics or working to penetrate existing ones, we can help you by providing data lists that are segmented by demographic details.

Hopefully our questions have led you to consider how you will build upon your success throughout 2016.  As always, we are here for a free consultation to help support your business needs!

Back to School Blues – Not Here!

It’s that time of year again!  Parents are filling up retail stores buying back-to-school gear for their families – everything from pencils to backpacks to clothes are up for grabs.  We know that this time of year can be hectic at first, but it often leaves parents with a little more free time during the day.  As families edge their way back into routines, items that have come off the “to-do” list seem to creep back on.

This is a great time of year to market products and services that are family oriented. Whether you’re a travel agency, a tutoring agency or you sell products that families use, this is the right time of year to ramp up your marketing efforts.  From back to school specials to fall savings campaigns, we are ready to help you capitalize during this time of year.

First, we recommend that you identify your market penetration, something that we can help you with!  This will allow you to understand where you need to enhance your target marketing lists.   Once you have determined the areas of opportunity, we can help you increase the size of your lists with relevant, targeted, high quality contacts that come from the most accurate databases in the industry.

Wondering what the best way is to target your clients?  Check out our blog post on Increasing Your Opt-ins!  This will help you understand how you can maximize your direct marketing efforts and engage new customers!

We are here to help you – contact us for a consultation to find out what we can do for your business!

Creating Credibility

Anyone with a little determination and the ability to read a tutorial can create a website.  This means that there are a lot more brands competing for space in the consumer market.  Whether you’re an online trainer or an artist or a consultant – it doesn’t matter, the market is saturated with other people providing the same good or service.

Establishing credibility will set you apart.  We’ve all had that friend who shares the articles from the Onion or some other satirical news source.  Developing credibility means providing content to your users that is accurate, interesting and valuable.

When you are working to develop brand credibility there are some key areas that you want to focus on. The first is content. You want to make sure that whatever content you push to your audience is meaningful.  This means that it has well researched information, is presented thoughtfully and hits areas of interest for your consumers.

Authentic testimonials are another great way to develop brand credibility.  While the standard, rehearsed testimonial is good; organic testimonials that are not requested or prepared are even better!  Creating an engaging community will encourage followers to share their experiences in the form of comments, word of mouth recommendations or purchase a good or service for a friend.  The best marketing you can have is a referral.

Being active in the community in which your business operates is important for credibility.  Whether it’s participating in forums or writing articles that are published by other people, showing that you are an active member of the community is crucial for building credibility and often builds loyalty as well.

We can help you measure the success of your brand through some of our advanced analytics offerings!  Contact us today for a consultation!

Increasing Your Opt-Ins

Purchasing a data list of prospective clients is a great way to expand your reach!  While we can provide you with the names, we can’t guarantee they will opt-in once you reach out.  Our lists are targeted and can be sliced and diced by key metrics like age, nationality, income, etc.  This allows you to make sure that the way you reach out to the potential customers is relevant.

We have been in the field a long time and wanted to share with you some of our recommendations for improving your opt-ins when you’re reaching out to prospective customers.

Make it Relevant:  Don’t send people campaigns that don’t matter to them.  In this day and age, people are inundated with communications and they’ll ignore anything that doesn’t pertain directly to them.  One size fits all marketing and communications are no longer effective.  Tailor your content to their needs, wants and demographics!

Make it Valuable:  The internet has created a giant library for people to use at the touch of a button.  If you’re giving them something, give them something that is of value that they can’t get anywhere else.  Whether you’re sharing a free sample, some crucial information or any interesting content that’s not readily accessible, it will catch their eye quicker than something they can get on their own.

Make it Fun:  People absolutely love to be entertained.  You can log in to any social media site and within a few clicks or a scroll of the newsfeed find something that is engaging and fun to consume.  If they can bank on you for interesting, fun content, you can bet that they will become a loyal follower.  Entertaining people is a great way to get them in your corner!

Do you need help identifying your target clients and sourcing their contact information? We specialize in creating custom lists that hit all of your demographic needs.

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3 Data Trends for Q3

Personalization of Data

It has been reported that personalized emails improve click through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.  Are you personalizing your emails?  Including the recipient’s first name, geographically relevant references and/or other personal information will transform your email marketing campaign from generic to unique.  Personalization doesn’t stop with email – personalizing web content is also valuable. PURLs are an example of integrating personalized email with personalized web content.  Statistics show that nearly 75% of online shoppers “get frustrated with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests.” Being able to engage everyone may not be realistic, but being able to engage your target customers more effectively can produce a greater return on your marketing investments.  We can help you track your market penetration to determine if your efforts are working!


Microtargeting is the process of identifying your behavioral tendencies amongst your target market to take personalization to a new level.  By leveraging this data to create ultra-personal marketing campaigns you end up targeting only those who are most relevant.  The relevance engages the customer, resulting in the people you reach being far more likely to accept the call to action.

Microtargeting requires a few key steps – first determine who your target customers are.  This will dictate their needs and motivations.  Data append services are an excellent way to gather information about your target customers.  This will provide insights into how you can help the customer with your service or product. Customers who recognize their need perceive greater value and a valuable transaction converts customers into clients. Targeted campaigns tend to be at least twice as effective as other ad campaigns so why wouldn’t you choose to maximize the return on your marketing investment?

The Role of Data

A recent study indicated that 78% of all marketing professionals acknowledge the importance of data-driven campaigns and the need for high quality relevant data. So what does this mean for your organization? It means that data must be at the forefront of both your marketing strategy as well as customer acquisition and retention.  So how do you foster this in your own company?  The first step is acquiring the data – the second is analyzing it.  We can help you with both!

Contact us today to find out how we can help you become a data driven organization.


Native Advertising – The New Black

What Is Native Advertising?

Native advertising has been defined as a form of paid media that seamlessly integrates with the form and function of a site to contribute value to the user experience.

By way of example, a native ad might be an ad for energy-efficient light bulbs that appears within or next to an article on types of energy efficient light bulbs and their uses. In short, the native advertising is contextually relevant to the website page.

As more and more web users become “banner blind” advertisers are striving for a new way to reach viewers. While banner click through has dropped to 2%, its lowest rate ever, native advertising is proving to be more effective.

  • 52% of people who click on native ads have purchase intent, compared to only 34% for banner ads.
  • 70% want to learn about products through content rather than traditional advertising.
  • 75% of publishers already offer some type of native advertising, with 90% saying they either have or will consider it.

Native Ads Receive More Reader Attention than Banner Ads

A recent study conducted by Snarethrough and Nielsen showed that during videos simulating content scroll through, EEG  and eye-tracking testing showed that in-feed native ads received 25% more attention that in-feed banner advertising. On tablets the native advertising received nearly 50% more attention.

For more information, see the study results at MarketingProfs.

Data Security

There has been a recent and highly publicized uptick in the breach of customer databases of large retailers, financial institutions and online services.  More than ever, consumers are starting to hesitate to provide detailed personal information for fear of it being compromised.  This newfound skepticism is spreading quickly – however it does not mean that your business needs to suffer.

While traditional methods of obtaining information through contact forms may become more challenging, there are still large consumer databases that can provide detailed demographic information.  Sourcing this information from various places allows us to have detailed records for more than 200 million consumers.

Obtaining accurate, intelligent consumer information is critical to marketing and sales efforts – particularly for medium to large businesses.  We know that as your business evolves, so does your customer base and we at Natimark continually improve and update our databases to meet your needs.

We offer the ability to not only add new names to your customer database but also to enhance your existing ones with additional information, through reverse appends.  Investing in database cleansing, enhancements and new information is affordable thanks to Natimark.  Our a la carte pricing allows you to pay for only what you need for your business.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you avoid the fall-out from the information breach!

The Importance of Marketing to Hispanic Consumers

Earlier this year we posted about the importance of truly knowing your customer base and the ROI on spending the time to understand who you are looking to target.  Since then we have done numerous posts on various market segmentations and why and how to enter into these areas.

Today we will be discussing the importance of marketing directly to Hispanic consumers.  This is a unique group because of the bilingual nature of the demographic as well as the recent increase in their consumption of goods and services.  For instance, in Q1 of 2014, Hispanic consumers’ new vehicle sales growth was up 13% which is more than 3 times the total growth of the market.

According to Forbes, the purchasing power of the Hispanic market is estimated to reach 1.5 trillion dollars by 2015.  So how are businesses addressing this market?  Carefully but conscientiously.  Businesses are identifying ways to market to and address the needs of the Hispanic consumers by considering their cultural desires and needs.  It is being referred to as “cultural intelligence”.

Understanding how to adapt products, marketing efforts and sales strategies to be culturally relevant is the latest trend.  No longer is a translation enough – businesses need to take it one step further to market directly to the Hispanic consumer.

So how do you identify and connect to these consumers?  Reach out directly – Natimark has a database of over 12.5 million Hispanic Households.  Of this, 9 million identify Spanish as their first language.  Contact us today to find out how you get engaged with this important demographic.

Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail

Most businesses are entering the planning season for the 2015 year – are you?  As you develop your marketing strategy for the year to come, there are a few considerations we recommend that you make.  As a leader in the direct marketing space, we have insights into not only the trends for 2014 but also how getting back to basics can help drive lead generation from your marketing efforts.

Recommendation #1 – Evaluate Your Market Penetration

It is always beneficial to take a step back and do some research and analysis prior to developing your strategy.  We suggest obtaining a market penetration report which will show you how effectively you are tapping into your designated markets.  This will show you customers vs non-customers.  Understanding your reach and who is in the prospect market will allow you to better strategize how to tap into those demographics.

Recommendation #2 – Understand Your Customers

As businesses grow and evolve so do their customers.  Developing customer profiles will help you create plans to engage, upsell and retain these individuals.  Through identifying customer profiles, you can develop segments which will guide your direct marketing efforts.

Recommendation #3 – Manage Your Communications

As consumers, we are inundated with information, particularly targeted sales and advertisements.  Being strategic in the way you communicate with your prospects and customers can have a more successful outcome than drowning them in information!

Contact us today to find out how we can help you leverage these three strategies to make 2015 your best year yet!