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Periscope: How Can It Work for Your Business?

Have you heard of the new application, Periscope, making waves across social media?  At Natimark, we make it a priority to stay apprised on all of the latest technology.  We are really excited to share with you some of the details around what the application is and how it can help your business.

Twitter is responsible for creating Periscope which is described as a “live video streaming platform”, essentially allowing you to broadcast a live recording of yourself to your Periscope and of course, Twitter followers.  Unlike its counterparts Instagram and Vine, this platform is non-restrictive in terms of content length.  Periscope allows you to push video content out simply, efficiently and on the go.

Initially skeptics said “so how does this differ from Skype or Google Hangouts”?  Well, the creators have answers. Periscope allows you to develop a network with whom you are able to live stream content – at any time.  The application is available on both Apple and Android operating systems and you can also log in from a laptop or personal computer.  Periscope has made a quick surge in the social media space as a way to communicate with your audience.

So how can you use it to build your digital brand?  Natimark supports our clients by helping you optimize your client databases and engaging them with relevant and interesting content.  Periscope provides you the opportunity to engage your clients and prospects in a meaningful and relevant way.

Interested in sending an impactful message?  Consider this new platform.  Need help figuring out who to send it to?  Contact us!

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Increasing Your Opt-Ins

Purchasing a data list of prospective clients is a great way to expand your reach!  While we can provide you with the names, we can’t guarantee they will opt-in once you reach out.  Our lists are targeted and can be sliced and diced by key metrics like age, nationality, income, etc.  This allows you to make sure that the way you reach out to the potential customers is relevant.

We have been in the field a long time and wanted to share with you some of our recommendations for improving your opt-ins when you’re reaching out to prospective customers.

Make it Relevant:  Don’t send people campaigns that don’t matter to them.  In this day and age, people are inundated with communications and they’ll ignore anything that doesn’t pertain directly to them.  One size fits all marketing and communications are no longer effective.  Tailor your content to their needs, wants and demographics!

Make it Valuable:  The internet has created a giant library for people to use at the touch of a button.  If you’re giving them something, give them something that is of value that they can’t get anywhere else.  Whether you’re sharing a free sample, some crucial information or any interesting content that’s not readily accessible, it will catch their eye quicker than something they can get on their own.

Make it Fun:  People absolutely love to be entertained.  You can log in to any social media site and within a few clicks or a scroll of the newsfeed find something that is engaging and fun to consume.  If they can bank on you for interesting, fun content, you can bet that they will become a loyal follower.  Entertaining people is a great way to get them in your corner!

Do you need help identifying your target clients and sourcing their contact information? We specialize in creating custom lists that hit all of your demographic needs.

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Facebook: Does “Promoting” Your Posts Give You ROI?

It seems like everyone and their mother (literally) is on Facebook these days.  This social media platform has become a channel for everything from “selfies” to customer service, as well as a powerful tool for small businesses.  “Word of mouth” has taken on a whole new level with the ability to share favorite products, services and businesses with just a few clicks.

Facebook recognized this viral novelty long ago, but only recently changed the way it manages business pages on the back end.  No longer does everyone who likes your page see all of your posts unless they are new or interact regularly with your page.

How does that impact your marketing efforts and business decisions?  What are your options for moving your page and your posts to the top of your targeted markets newsfeed?

The short answer?  Pay for it using a sliding scale based on how many people you are after.  Seems simple enough:  pay to sponsor a post, get more traction, accomplish a better reach and gain new followers, right?  It’s simply, “yes,” and it’s effective. But is it worth it?  Not necessarily

The newsfeed currently uses an algorithm to rank content based on user behavior and perceived interests.  Essentially, if an individual interacts with (likes or comments) on posts regularly, that content is more likely to show up in their newsfeed.  On their advertising page, Facebook promotes two tactics.  The first is delivering engaging content – ask questions, request feedback, ask for a like or a share.  These actions will ensure that your posts show up in the Newsfeed as a result of the algorithm.

The second option is to pay for promotion.  Facebook does not make any guarantees around reach on promoted posts but rather gives you a “budget” based on desired reach for the post.  The post can be promoted for 3 days and only new posts are eligible.  It will then provide analytics around who saw it organically, virally or paid so you can track how you are reaching your demographic.

In doing research, we have seen mixed reviews around using the promotion feature.  While the cost of promoting your posts is low in comparison to some other online advertising costs, there is no guarantee of, as well as no clear definition of, the effectiveness.   You could instead focus on providing engaging content to ramp up your views on Facebook instead of paying for promotion.

If you are looking to reach a broader market, Natimark offers services that can help you target individuals on a demographic basis as well as reporting options that will allow you to make calculated marketing decisions to grow your business.

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The best social media marketing strategies for small businesses

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, the best strategies are those that generate a large number of leads at a low cost. Although even more important than the cost of the leads from a social marketing campaign for small business owners, is the leads being highly targeted. More targeted leads means higher conversions and more sales for less advertising cost.

Content – Create ‘link bait’ type blog posts. These are blog posts that are designed to make people want to link to the post and to share it around with their friends. A clever and entertaining blog post or videos and new popular topics tend to do very well with users. You want people to ‘like’ them on Facebook and share the link on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Targeted Customer Lists- You can choose from a range of demographics such as age, location, and interests to ensure that you ad only goes to the most relevant people and thus reducing advertising costs for your business.

Press Releases – Another great way for some viral content if you tie in with some recent news. A press release gets syndicated across multiple platforms and is often re-tweeted many times due to the Google News appearance. You can also share your press release link in a relevant LinkedIn discussion forum and position yourself as an authority in your industry.

Natimark uses critical targeted data to effectively measure, predict and optimize your results to increase your ROI. Call us today to find out how we can customize a strategic targeted marketing plan based on accurate, real-time predictive data that is relevant to your business. Visit

The Art of Infographics

With information and popular social sites becoming more and more visual, it stands to reason that infographics is a a popular medium that is a creative way to reach the cognitive masses with sometimes not-so-interesting information or statistics.  Infographics are easy to share, visually appealing, and can easily convey a high volume of information quickly, in a more intuitive way. The success of infographics as a tool for driving traffic and building links has made them ubiquitous.

According to a survey by Aberdeen Group, direct marketing with infographics is often a demographic science, and the most successful companies are the ones that closely integrate their sales and marketing practices. The study found that best-in-class businesses link their CRM systems with email, campaign, and data management system, creating a holistic view of the lead-to-close process. Doing so, the study suggests, lays the foundation for other elements of marketing and sales collaboration, like a shared definition of a “qualified lead” and better-aligned messaging.

Marketing your infographics properly is a sure fire way to capture natural links, build brand awareness and gain social media followers. It’s relatively inexpensive to do and can continue to bring in links for years to come. There’s no doubt that infographics have become the most widely used link bait tactic in the past couple of years, and it only looks to be growing.

Other Considerations for Infographics :

  • Involve credible sources to help you promote your graphic.
  • Create a blog post for the infographic and support promotion through the blog’s social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, social news & bookmarking sites etc.
  • Segment the infographic into blog posts on sites like Flickr with links back to the main page with the full infographic.
  • Promote the infographic with an article or news release that includes a link to the full infographic and distribute through a news distribution service like PRWeb.
  • Highlight the infographic in an email promotion to your in-house prospect and/or customer list. Include a segment of the graphic and a link for readers to see the full image on your website or blog.
  • Share the infographic with influential users of social news & bookmarking sites: StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, or Digg. Or enlist a connected social media targeted marketing company like Natimark to do it for you.

Natimark uses critical targeted data to effectively measure, predict and optimize your results to increase your ROI. Call us today to find out how we can customize a strategic location targeted marketing plan based on accurate, real-time predictive data that is relevant to your business. Visit

Mobile Couponing Meets Facebook

Valassis, a media and marketing services company, has launched RedPlum Social Savings, a coupon app for the Facebook platform. The key to the app’s success, says Jim Parkinson, chief digital officer at Valassis, is the ability for users to stay on Facebook to locate deals. “We often see high abandonment rates online. When consumers are booted off one site to another, they often quit,” he says. “We built this app because there are a lot of Facebook users who want to be able to use the interface to find coupons without leaving the Facebook platform.”

Though the press release states that the app allows advertisers the ability to provide targeted offers to users, only geo-targeting is available at the moment. Parkinson says there are plans to begin further targeting soon. According to Parkinson, the biggest challenge was finding a way to integrate with Facebook effectively, “With Facebook’s Open Graph, Timeline and other aspects, we had to make sure that the features were done correctly.”

Valassis is currently working on a version for mobile and tablet, Parkinson adds. “Once the app has had time in the market, we can focus on other features.” RedPlum Social Savings, launched as a part of Valassis’s “Reimagining Reach” publicity campaign, gives users the opportunity to download, share, and print coupon offers from brands, according to a company release. The coupons offered are grocery-related and according to a recent survey, Valassis expects social marketing to be a major component for grocery retailers in the near future.

Natimark uses critical targeted data to effectively measure, predict and optimize your results to increase your ROI. Call us today to find out how we can customize a strategic location targeted marketing plan based on accurate, real-time predictive data that is relevant to your business. Visit

Wildfire Gets Googled

Google has acquired Wildfire Interactive, a startup that helps companies manage their marketing and advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Adding Wildfire will enable Google to offer companies a way to market across a variety of social sites alongside other ad products. The search giant already has its Google Analytics service, which measures traffic to websites, as well as its DoubleClick service for advertisers to run campaigns. Wildfire enables companies to manage status messages, pages, advertising, promotions and analytics on a variety of social platforms.

Wildfire’s clients include Virgin, Cirque du Soleil, Gilt Group and Spotify. Google can now offer marketers traditional display ads as well as social ads across different sites. Large companies have recently been snapping up social media marketing startups. Salesforce recently bought Buddy Media for $689 million in cash and stock. Oracle also recently acquired Vitrue for a reported $300 million.

Wildfire CEO Victoria Ransom recently said in an interview that the Wildfire has a vast amount of data about user behavior and demographics. The company can use this data to target campaigns to very specific sets of users as well as the most “influential” users on social sites. “We can identify who these people are and provide rich insights,” she said. “Brands can provide the right content to the most engaged users.”

Natimark uses critical targeted data to effectively measure, predict and optimize your results to increase your ROI. Call us today to find out how we can customize a strategic targeted marketing plan based on accurate, real-time predictive data that is relevant to your business. Visit