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Reach Motivated Buyers with a New Home Owners List

New home-owners can be key to growing any business. New homeowners are stable, creditworthy, have an above-average income, and are ready to buy your products and services. The best time to reach these customers is immediately after they buy their home. New homeowners spend an average of 8-10 times more than an established resident over a two-year period. You need to connect with consumers who are ready to buy, and individuals who have just moved into a new home make numerous home-related purchases.


Each year, 15% of the population will move, and movers account for over $1 trillion worth of spending per year. You can also selects those New Movers who have purchased a home by selecting  only Home Owners.


This database update is updated weekly, with about 100,000 new records every month.


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Data Sources

List data is compiled from public records and regional phone company updates, and several other proprietary sources.