Telemarketing Lists


Natimark offers the strongest telemarketing contact databases on the market. With the highest phone data coverage and accuracy rates in the industry, Natimark is the preeminent source for both Consumer and Business phone contact information. Natimark continually works with our inhouse IT Department to physically house and update each database allowing us to provide the highest counts of contact records in your service area. We will never charge a fee to suppress your lists against contact information that you have used in the past. This ensures the delivery of only new and fresh contact records. Natimark delivers lists that comply with National Do Not Call regulations.

Natimark can help to produce the best possible results for the telemarketing efforts of virtually any industry. You have the option to filter each list by hundreds of demographic selects at no extra charge. This way you will only reach the best potential new customers and clients pertaining to your business. Please see below for our different types of Business and Consumer Contact Databases. Call us at 877-317-4166 for additional questions.


Consumer Lists


National Consumer List

Reach over 200 million American consumers and 130 million American households, in all 50 states, using the most current phone contact info.


Canadian Consumer List

Reach over 15.5 million Canadian consumers by phone.


Ailment List

Targets over 60 million consumers, nationwide, with expressed medical conditions and ailments


Auto Owner List

Focuses on over 185 million Auto, Motorcycle, and Boat owners in the US – dozens of criteria to filter results


Donor List

This list contains only consumers who have made either a political and/or charitable donation to one or more notforprofit organizations or political causes.


Hispanic List

Natimark offers the most comprehensive and accurate Hispanic consumer data available for one of the fastest growing business demographics in the nation today.


Mortgage List

Target the specific profile of the homeowners that you want for the best mortgage data in the industry.


New Homeowners List

Reach new homeowners with this weekly updated file averaging close to 100,000 new homeowners per month across the nation.


New Mover List

Reach only new movers based on newly connected phone lines and utilities. You have the option to pick between homeowners, renters, or both.


Business Lists


National Existing Business List

We offer over 27 million US telephone verified businesses. Options to contact person of interest by job title, or contact businesses by industry and dozens of other criteria


Canadian Business List

Reach over 1.1 million Canadian businesses.