Data Modeling & Analytics

Natimark’s Modeling and Analytical tools provide our customers with business intelligence that is easy to understand and apply, without a degree in statistics.  From Customer Profiling to Predictive Modeling, with Geo-targeting and customer mapping included, our proprietary system delivers these results:

  • Improved targeting,
  • Increased conversions, and
  • Reduced direct marketing costs.

Predictive Modeling is used to predict behaviors simulated by a marketing contact using information available in your marketing database. Some basic applications include:

  • Best Customer – increase customer lifetime value by identifying who is the best customer and who has the most upside.
  • Customer Cloning – identify the traits of your top customers and find prospects that resemble them.
  • Lost Customers – regain customers whose patronage has dropped dramatically or totally lapsed.

Let our proprietary modeling technology identify your best prospects in a matter of minutes.  Modeling gives you the ability to quickly identify and execute a highly targeted marketing campaign without knowing anything about modeling or analytics.  We provide you with a scored (ranked) list of prospects that resembles your best customers; this list is ready to be utilized in your marketing campaigns.

What is your effective market reach – local, regional, national??

Once you’ve uploaded your customer data to our secure servers, you can use our mapping and modeling tools to:

  • Clearly see where your Customers are located,
  • Identify clusters of your Customers in certain neighborhoods or regions
  • Identify “pockets” of geography where you have very little or no penetration,
  • Decide if you should reorganize your sales force or your locations to better serve your customers or expand your business.

Gain Insights on Your Customers

With Natimark’s  proprietary tools, you can generate reports to receive a detailed demographic summary of your customer and/or prospect lists.  A Profile Report highlights the demographic make-up of your list.  Learn how effectively you are penetrating your market by running a Market Penetration Report.  You can easily compare two lists using the List Comparison Report.  A user defined Crosstab Report will provide “sweet spots” for refining your targets.

  • Uncover hidden insights of you current customers,
  • Create of list of Look-A-Likes or “Clones” of your best Customers,
  • Quickly execute highly targeted campaigns with an improved ROI.

Here are examples of some of the reports you can quickly create.