What is a Reverse Append?

Do you have a list of contacts with phone numbers but no names?  Here’s some great news: you aren’t in a hopeless situation; you can consider updating your database using a reverse append!

Essentially, a reverse append is used to add names and addresses to existing phone numbers.  Natimark can link your consumer or prospect list with accurate, updated address information so you can leverage the full channel.

Truly penetrating your customer base requires a multi-channel marketing effort.  In order to do this you need to make sure you have appropriate contact details to support a multi-channel effort.  We find reverse appends to be particularly helpful in this area.  Did you purchase a list that simply contains phone numbers?  We all know that in the digital age most people screen their calls and have a low tolerance for telemarketing.

In completing a reverse append, you open up the channels in which you can communicate with your clients.  Direct mail is a great way to stand out as an organization – as the world relies predominantly on digital services, receiving a piece of mail that isn’t a bill has become quite rare.

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